Sculpture Kills

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Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia, March 2019


Hot Piss, Hot Coco is a performance that reinterprets James Joyce's Ulysses, focusing on the homoeroticism in the catechism dialogue of the Ithaca chapter. Stephen and Bloom reanimate as female- bodied performers, reminiscent of Greek statuary, as the speaker of text wades into their fountains.

Hot Piss, Hot Coco was performed as a part of the B L O O M S D A Y event at The Knockdown Center in June 2015. 

Performed by Lauren Siegel and Linda Frank | Photography by Hitomi Mochizuki



Spectacle of Apotheosis was presented by Global Committee for the group exhibition /GUST/

Spectacle of Apotheosis is a performance that PLAYs two magnetic forces of americana—celebrity and car culture. the PERFORMERS oscillate between these two objects, in a parking lot, under a rising blood moon.

Performed by Lauren Siegel, Linda Frank, Marlena Holman, Maxine James & Lisa Valeri

Original Score by Conor Creaney | Photography by Hitomi Mochizuki 

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dear johnny


Dear Johnny is a performance series about sex work and power from 2013. Each character I perform writes a love letter to her “Johnny” (her “John”). I was a sex worker and wanted to understand the power dynamics of the relationships I’d formed. I also wanted to make fun of the performance of heteronormativity (as I was somewhat of an outsider), how women derive power from their proximity to men, and the absurdity of the roles we play in our emotional lives in general which includes getting our needs met in bizarre, depraved little places.

As each letter is told from different characters—gold diggers, ingenues, wives, dominatrixes and truck stop hookers—the letters explore what constitutes sex work. We have too narrow a view. I began to see undercover sex work everywhere, and even my participation in it. The lovers who paid my rent. Britney Spears. How I’d been hired to be eye candy at bars, offices, and studios. A little trick here, and little trick there. Beneath the humor though, was anxiety and immense sadness that this was all completely inescapable.

Dear Johnny, the longest iteration of the series (run time 60mins), ends in an Eyes Wide Shut nightmare. Through three spoken love letters the character addresses Johnny, a member of the 1%. As she speaks, a Bacchanalian demon leads her through fantasy to painful disillusionment. In this performance I tried to kill my character because I was angry she didn’t immediately know what she was doing, a lick of self-criticism within gender theory. My sincerest hope though is that when she finally gets out of the hospital that she will develop a better strategy.




Malled (2011) was performance in the Nanuet Mall, which went into foreclosure shortly after. Dead malls represent economic, physical and psychological vacuums, and the capitalist desires that created them.