Confederitis is a collaborative film by Rbt. Sps. and Jillian McManemin.

The film (runtime 70 mins) follows Tyler and Nola Jane, a brother and sister struggling to conform to their small town environment. Their world begins to unravel when confronted by twin-like strangers, Phocian and Faith (Rbt. & Jillian), who have lackadaisical aspirations to form a queer love cult and distort Confederate symbology. Phocian and Faith traverse the landscape like childish clowns. They speak in riddle and ultimately cause the other characters to join their antics. 


Confederitis explores disturbing aspects of Southern culture and the impotence of escapism in our current political climate. The film melds documentary footage of rural Kentucky and West Tennessee with, karaoke, poetry and slapstick puppetry.

Confederitis was shot on multiple formats and film stocks including Super 8mm, 16mm, Hi-8, Betamax, VHS, HD & more.


Confederitis has been presented by Anthology Film Archives, The Istanbul Experimental Film Festival, The Slipper Room, Spalding University (Louisville, Kentucky), Centro Provincial de Artes Plásticas y Diseño (Santiago, Cuba), and received a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award to be screened at Circe Theater (Tbilisi, Georgia) in January 2019.